Career with us

Career with us 

 Important note!

In order for you to join under my team for a personal 1 to 1 guidance, you will have to call me personally  @ 98-199-199 and not to walk-in for the normal seminar (I will then, register you with the admin to join my team).

If you just walk-in without fixing an appointment with me, then the admin staff will randomly appoint a manager to you, which you will not get to join my great team at the end of the seminar. 

Not any managers will have what it takes to train someone to reach the sky and I believe everybody would like to choose their preferred manager/ mentor if they have a choice.
I will personally share with you all the successful & practical methods that are currently use by myself  for the past 12 years, which will unlock your fullest potential much faster, that few can offer.
With the right mentor, you can skip years of bumps and pitholes, AND achieved GREAT sales in the SHORTEST AND FASTEST  way.

Therefore, please call me at  98-199-199 for a 1 to 1 discussion before you even register or walk in for the usual seminars

Your agent always,
Serene Chua (: (+ 65)98-199-199
B.Sc(NUS)Hons / CEHA-Certified

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SELL/ BUY/ RENT- Always at your service.

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Serene Chua  蔡芝玲
Associate Sales Director /B.Sc(NUS)Hons
CEA Licence No.:
L3010738A / R024344F
+(65) 9819 9199